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I’m No Stranger to the Rain

Dear Keith Whitley …could you please put in a good word up there above and get the powers that be to hold off on the whole water thing this week so the kiddos can get one football game in where the marching band can actually perform by marching on the field rather than standing in front of it….it is marching band after all….ok thanks for your consideration….

Fall is here. Football is here. And the RAIN is here. It’s like living in Oregon but strangely only on the weeks when we have a home game. So far the band has only gotten to play one scheduled Friday night game but the field was still so wet from the rain all week and they couldn’t march. (Apparently marching in wet grass and mushy ground is like marching in peanut butter…there’s no rolling that heel when your foot is mired in mud and muck apparently) They were still awesome standing still but could’ve been so much more awesome doing their thing like this:

But we’ll take any opportunity to play – standing, marching, laying down, upside down (*cough*cough* Tommy Lee!!!) or whatever.

The next home game got called off on account of – you guessed it – rain and the band had to play from the stands on a Monday night because they didn’t have enough people to do a full marching show.

I just want my Friday night football game french fry fix and to see my kid march in uniform on a dry field for a halftime show at least once this year. And this week is their Homecoming game to add insult to injury.

So say a tiny prayer with me folks. The weatherman says it’s gonna be cloudy with a 70 % chance of rain today, heavy rain tomorrow and showers again on Thursday. Maybe, just maybe, it will be dry enough come Friday….but just in case, I think I’m gonna recommend at the next school board meeting that the field should have a dome over it….Amen



First of all, I tried a new cardio jam class at the Y the other night and the former army drill instructor nice lady fitness teacher tried to kill me, I think. I am still sore. It hurts to type. But if I keep this up through the summer by Labor Day I will be like the title of this post says. {haha…mabye}

But that’s a whole other topic that probably doesn’t belong on this blog. Let me instead turn your attention to these stacks…


Yeah that’s more like it! Last summer the guys were collecting these. Yes in addition to drums and guitars, we also had a collection of amps and cabinets going on. Are we music hoarders? Is there a show for that? Anyway they aspired to the arrangement above but only made it to this:


It was a noble attempt.

 (Again I apologize for the fuzzy picture- it’s not your eyes! Just another blurry cell phone pic…Note to self: Use real camera from now on…)

This summer, the bottom cabinet a JCM 1936 (2 x 12) is still in our possession but the top 2 micro stacks went on to new homes to make funding and room for this:


A Marshall JCM900 50 watt tube head

If you thought this house was loud before you should hear it now…! {Gotta love living in the country and having older neighbors who don’t care probably ’cause they can’t hear the ruckus anyway!}

But you know with us enough is never enough! While the amp and cabinet we have now is great for the guitar we’re still looking for a good deal for a decent power amp and speakers for amplifying our SPD-20 electronic percussion pad. The guys currently use it as a drum module to sample sounds but can only hear the result through headphones. And if we had a power amp we could set that up with our triggers again….

What’s a trigger you ask? Well, besides being Roy Rogers horse, it’s also a device that clips on the drum and makes your acoustic kit sound like an electric kit.

Here’s a pic of the kind of triggers we have:


{Not our drums, but you get a better idea of what they are and how they mount to the hoop.}

Triggers get you get a tighter ‘bigger’ sound ala Tommy Lee, Frank Beard and Joey Jordison and when hooked into a drum module you can even assign different sounds and patches to play when you hit certain drums. So your rock DW kit equipped with triggers could sound like a tympani or steel drums with the right patch. It’s a very cool setup that gives you endless ways to play and annoy your pets and neighbors!

And that is my rambling story about working out, amps, triggers and drums for today. I’m off to pick up the boy from camp {yay!} and apologize to the neighbors that can hear ’cause it’s about to get loud again.

Drum Roll Please

Now that I’ve made you wait almost a week… I finally have a picture of our newest arrival!

You knew it had to be a snare right? They outnumber the people around here 2 to 1. It’s like a sickness. Must.have.more.snares!

This one is so cool the picture hardly does it justice.

Here’s the lowdown. It’s a DW 5.5 x 14 maple VLT snare with an ebony satin oil finish and black chrome hardware. Or you can be like me and call her Black Beauty- whichever floats your boat!


Now if you’re that girlfriend or wife who wants to look cool and totally impress her significant other with how much she knows about drum gear (Hi hunny!) here’s how to decipher those specs above (and if you just want to know more about drums in general I’m talking to you too!) So away we go!

Manufacturer: DW or Drum Workshop- this used to be the drum company of choice for Tommy Lee…now he’s defected over to Pearl….! It’s hard to read from the picture, but the badges say Collector’s Series under the dw which is their primo line.

Size: It’s 5 1/2″ deep x 14″ in diameter. Ok easy enough!

Shell: Maple- pretty standard wood choice here. Provides you a lower, warmer tone than a birch shell. They are also making some shells out of bamboo nowadays like this one seen here.

Construction: VLT (Vertical Low Timbre) All this means is that instead of it being a typical shell made of  10 laminated plies of wood going in the same horizontal direction, this baby’s grain runs the vertical direction on the outermost and innermost plies which places less tension on the shell and gives it a lower fundamental pitch because it can vibrate more freely.

Finish: ebony satin oil- the black stain allows you to see glimpses of the wood grain through the stain and the satin protective coat is more matte than a shiny lacquered finish.

Hardware: black chrome. It’s like jewelery for your drum! haha! So many choices! Although I don’t think 24k gold lugs would have had given this snare the same look. However the menfolk were talking about switching them out to chrome just for fun… yeah that’s how we roll….!

So there’s a quick walk-through of what you’re looking at- now go impress somebody with what you know and have a fabulous weekend!

Don’t be Crüel

Ahhh…. karma. What a lovely thing! Right after I met my wonderful other half, he and the boy ventured down to Crüefest ’09. What better way for father and son to spend a day. If you’ve ever been to a Crüe show you will know what I mean! The women! The less than sober people! The women! But I digress.

The day started out well – perhaps a little traffic-y getting down to the beach where the show was, but that was cancelled out by how close to the stage they were able to get. Close enough to feel the sweat from the band being slung on the audience or the water from the bottles being splashed on the crowd from the singers on stage. I personally would opt for the water over the sweat, but to each his own.

Anyway they were close and they rocked out to Theory of a Deadman and Godsmack among others while waiting for their main man to come on. In this house our main man is Tommy Lee. Well, God and then Tommy Lee. But you other drumlovers get it. Amen. 

Unfortunately they found that Tommy wasn’t playing drums that night because he had burned his hands playing with a bunch of fireworks. The show however stops for no-one not even a drummer who has a mishap with some sparklers. He did however come out with the piano at one point.


{Hey, it’s good to be versatile…} 

That point aside, they still had a blast and were thoroughly enjoying the show until a well-meaning but not well-tempered security guard put a damper on the evening. Remember they were within a few feet of the stage which meant they were also within a few less feet of those lovely yellow shirted gentlemen charged with the job of keeping people safe at a concert by stopping any dangerous and potentially life threatening activities from happening like recording any parts of the live show.

Nevermind that my lovely husband wasn’t recording anything but only trying to hold up his camera above the crowd and be ready for the moment when the guys would walk back over to the edge of the stage for a closeup like this.


Ultimately, it was all a moot point with Mr. security dude. So, after a lengthy loud discussion, my husband and son were unceremoniously kicked out of a Crüe concert. Luckily it was near the end. And actually after having been standing for over 6 hours, they may have even been a little relieved – not to mention they got a jump on the traffic by leaving a few minutes early!

I told you that to tell you this. Fast forward to this past week. Everybody there? Everybody had a good one? Yay! Glad to hear it! Ok. Guess who’s a big weiner winner! {Insert your shameless political joke here….sorry folks I just couldn’t help myself!} The love of my life won tickets to see Motley Crüe at the Outlaw Jam in July!

It’s karma I tell you! A second chance! An opportunity to redeem themselves! Now if Tommy and the rest of Crüe will just go easy on the fireworks on the 4th and not do anything else detrimental to their health before we get to see them on the 30th! {I’m asking a lot I know! But we have faith in the boys!} Stay tuned…