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I’m No Stranger to the Rain

Dear Keith Whitley …could you please put in a good word up there above and get the powers that be to hold off on the whole water thing this week so the kiddos can get one football game in where the marching band can actually perform by marching on the field rather than standing in front of it….it is marching band after all….ok thanks for your consideration….

Fall is here. Football is here. And the RAIN is here. It’s like living in Oregon but strangely only on the weeks when we have a home game. So far the band has only gotten to play one scheduled Friday night game but the field was still so wet from the rain all week and they couldn’t march. (Apparently marching in wet grass and mushy ground is like marching in peanut butter…there’s no rolling that heel when your foot is mired in mud and muck apparently) They were still awesome standing still but could’ve been so much more awesome doing their thing like this:

But we’ll take any opportunity to play – standing, marching, laying down, upside down (*cough*cough* Tommy Lee!!!) or whatever.

The next home game got called off on account of – you guessed it – rain and the band had to play from the stands on a Monday night because they didn’t have enough people to do a full marching show.

I just want my Friday night football game french fry fix and to see my kid march in uniform on a dry field for a halftime show at least once this year. And this week is their Homecoming game to add insult to injury.

So say a tiny prayer with me folks. The weatherman says it’s gonna be cloudy with a 70 % chance of rain today, heavy rain tomorrow and showers again on Thursday. Maybe, just maybe, it will be dry enough come Friday….but just in case, I think I’m gonna recommend at the next school board meeting that the field should have a dome over it….Amen


Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum

The season is upon us. You know that season filled with crisp clear nights, football games and drums! Well maybe I’m getting ahead of myself being as it’s still over 90 degrees here most days, but marching band practice has started and I can taste fall!

Here’s our pride and joy last year when he was paying his dues as a bass drummer.


This year since he’s no longer a lowly freshman, he finally got a shot at the second snare drummer position! Of course he rocked it. And because we are the house that all drums and drummers gravitate to, the boy brought home not one but two marching snares the other week. Why two? Because one is the practice (no padding in the harness) and one is the performance one.

By the way- you definitely want as much padding in the harness as you can get. I tried it on and felt kinda bad that we had been subjecting our boy to such torture because that marching snare is heavy and not only do you have to wear it but also march in it and crab step and do all sorts drills and stuff in the hot humid Virginia summer. But it’s strange what a kid will go through for something he loves! Now if we ask him to go out and mow the lawn, that’s a different story! Absolutely no love there.

Here’s a shot of one of the new noise makers {the drum not the boy…silly}


Fun fact alert– did you know the heads on a marching snare are made out of Kevlar– the same material used in bullet proof vests?? Is this why those little drummer boys march ahead of the army? Cool and scary all at the same time.

So now the real practice has begun. Practice pads just don’t have the same effect- the sticks just don’t react the same way. Nor are pads as loud as the real drum. And it’s important to be loud to annoy your pets and neighbors be able to be heard through the sound of a full band and lots of other drums. So we relegated him to the back porch to keep the cats (and us) from going insane. 

On the flip side cooking dinner, folding laundry and delivering punchlines are now proceeded by lots of fanfare and drumrolls – as they should be!