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What We Got for Christmas a.k.a Cymbal Love

Happy New Year and Hallelujah! Finally, I can talk about our new pretty shiny thing! (All cymbals to me were previously known as pretty shiny things and I really had no idea that there were different types that produced various sounds! Now I have been schooled. You pick up things – literally and figuratively when you live with drummers…!)


[random pretty shiny things pic from Dale’s Drum Shop last summer]

So this pretty girl- yes I’ve decided it’s a girl because she’s curvy- is an 18″ Paiste 2002 series Novo China.

This was the boy’s big gift for Christmas. We’re still not sure if he knew it was coming or not being as we’ve had it since last April…and he may or may not have noticed the big Paiste box that randomly appeared and disappeared and ultimately ended up hiding in plain sight in our bedroom and who knows if he is a curious kid or not- I’m sure he’d never tell if he happened to sneak a peek in the box… But we got such a good deal on it, it was hard to pass up at the time and we knew it would make a great addition to the kit and if we saved it for Christmas we could kill two birds with one stone. And sometimes as parents we do manage to plan ahead and this is beneficial because no one wants to really wants to be running into their second Target of the day on Christmas Eve 10 minutes before they close needing to buy 6 more gifts for people on their list….ahem…

But back to the bling.

She’s really unique for a couple of reasons. Most 2002’s are traditional finish and most 2002’s have red logos but she’s a rebel because she has a reflector finish and black logos- this isn’t uncommon, just much harder to come by. Apparently older 2002’s from around the ’70’s had black logos but I don’t think this one is that old so maybe it was somebody’s custom ordered homage that era.  She sounds like, as my dad put it quite simply, China. Never one to mince words, my father. Others described her sound as exotic and bright and sometimes slightly trashy. But I don’t hold that against her. I think she sounds pretty. And as an added bonus she has an inverted bell that can be played as an accent for even more versatility which isn’t an option on a traditional china.


We tried and tried to come up with a clever way like what we did last year to present it to the boy but he headed us off at the pass with “Hey remember that treasure hunt thing “Santa” had me do last year where I had to solve the clues in order to get to my iPod touch??- please don’t do that to me again.” SO we resorted to Christmas Story methods– when Ralphie has opened all his gifts and his Dad says hey what’s that over there behind the desk?? And Ralphie looks and finds his beloved Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time. Only we don’t have a desk so we hid it behind the cushion of the chair in the living room and after the destruction had occurred [see below]


we asked him to straighten up the cushion in the chair and thus he found his pretty new shiny thing. Of course we couldn’t resist taunting him with the original box first thing that morning- we wrapped a tambourine in it just for kicks. Because what fun are kids if you can’t mess with them from time to time?


Merry Belated Christmas Y’all!


What we’ve been up to….



And this…


And a lot of this…


We partied hard for Christmas with breakfast that lasted all day- the amount of food not the length of the meal…in fact we never really ate dinner that night. We got lots of cool music related gifts… the boy and I actually received a lot of the same kinds of gifts….guitar strings, guitar tuners, cds, bracelets….. hmmm…. is it weird for the kid and the parent to get the same kind of stuff? Maybe I really am a 15-year-old boy in the body of a 30-something female…

Before the holiday frenzy we played football through Turkey Day (another day when we ate way toooo much…..!) right up til December 10th! Which really means the band played stand tunes at every playoff game every Friday night forever. Well not really forever…it just felt like it would never end some weeks! Sadly our team came in 2nd in the state title- but it wasn’t due to lack of trying or support from the community and the band. And we ‘paraded’ again this year meaning the boy played tenors in the annual Christmas Parade. He can also be seen above rocking the tympani as a reindeer at the winter concert. {yep, another profile shot….my fave apparently…}

I should have remembered from last year that Fall and Winter tend to be busy for us…but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel- I can see it! Or….wait is that a train?? Back to bringing you more music mayhem in the following days!