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Shirt, Shoes, Problem?

Ok class lets review:

Good: Wearing the band’s t-shirt to their own concert

Bad: Wearing a Justin Bieber t-shirt to a Metallica concert

Good: Wearing any type of music equipment related clothing to a hard rock concert

Bad: Wearing pink anything to a hard rock concert

Good: Wearing comfy shoes to a concert where you’ll be standing a lot

Bad: Wearing flip-flops to any concert anywhere anytime

Now I admit I have been there and done that in almost all cases of the above rights and wrongs. See here and here if you want to see the ugly truth…

However I have not yet entered the realm of Christmas sweater vests. Hi Mom!

That’s the woman who gave me life right there with her favorite TSO band member Chris Caffery. They have lights and lasers and smoke a guys with long hair and guitars! What’s not to love? Yes my mom is a Trans Siberian Orchestra fan. And she has seen them 9 times. And she has gotten autographs from each of them 9 times. Thank goodness she didn’t wear the poinsettia sweater vest all 9 times.

I know it was almost Christmas but I’ll forgive her if you can. She really is cool. Don’t let the vest fool you. Back in the day she saw Elvis. And Neil Diamond (ok maybe not so cool.) And there was the trip to see Kenny Rogers downtown which involved my four-foot something aunt sitting on telephone books to see over the steering wheel of our Ford LTD because she was the only not scared of driving in the city. And mom even took me to see Garth Brooks when I was 15.

And let us not forget Alabama. From 1980 until the 90’s when they finally retired she faithfully attended their concerts every time they came to town and even finally learned to maneuver downtown so she could make the pilgrimage to the coliseum to see them when the aunt couldn’t go. Rain nor snow nor event staff confiscating her video camera tape in 1988 and letting her off easy by having her return the camcorder to the car and letting her back in couldn’t keep her from her favorite band. (hey it was her first camcorder and she didn’t know you weren’t allowed to take “moving” pictures at a show…) By the way that was my first concert and we’re lucky I continued to go after that because when security folks whisk your mother away from her seat and you’re left with your aunt and no keys to the car you could possibly be scarred for life….but she came back, all was good and we continued to return faithfully to their shows through the next 10 or so years but we left the video camera at home.

So you see I get this concert thing honest because of my mother (although I’m a little more subdued about it). She on the other hand is a die-hard fan and once she loves you and your music, that’s it. She’ll have your t-shirts, your albums, your autograph, your pictures, your fan club membership, your website message board saved on her favorites, your email and your telephone number (well not really the last 2 things although if she could find a way, she would and you’d get lovely little encouraging cards and messages…)

Concerts – it’s just what we do. And thankfully it’s what my husband and step-son do too. So you will see us all together – mom, dad, me, the husband and the boy in Section 2L seats 1-5  in November when TSO blows through town. We will not however be wearing Christmas flower vests.

{mom and TSO drummer Jeff Plate – I guess I get the drummer thing honest too!}

We’ll leave that to mom.


What Not to Wear Part II and Cadillac Sky

So to continue my stroll through memory lane from last week, today I’m reliving my memories of the all time most awesome “new grass” band Cadillac Sky.  Who else could cover traditional bluegrass songs and Video Killed the Radio Star all in the same show and not be cool? Unfortunately they’ve gone on to pursue other things separately. But they will live on forever in my mind and on YouTube. Fortunately now that it’s been 6 months or so, I can finally talk about them without crying. {just kidding!} 

In case I haven’t mentioned it over here we’re a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll. I bring the country part in case y’all hadn’t guessed it yet… blame it on going to an Alabama concert every year from the time I was 7 or 8 until I was 18 with my mama the original groupie. Hi mom! She’s still at it by the way only she had to find a new band. (what is it with our favorite bands disbanding?) but that’s a post for another day!

Back to the C-Sky boys. I first saw them at a bluegrass festival in Winchester, VA during my birthday blowout extravaganza weekend of May ’09 . {Pool playing on Friday night? Amusement park Saturday morning? NASCAR event on Saturday night? 3.5 hour drive from home on Sunday to see some mighty fine pickin’ and a grinnin’ all day long? I’ll take it! When do we sleep? Oh…we don’t…ok I’m in!} But since this isn’t a blog about pool or roller coasters or fast cars, I’ll concentrate on the music!


They were awesome! No words could describe the energy and mad skills they demonstrated on all their instruments (no drums then but when we saw them in 2010 they had a little kit they played for some songs. So there’s your drum reference for this post!) Nevermind that I thought they were roadies when they first came up on stage to set up their instruments. 

The rest of the audience was shocked and awed. Since this was a bluegrass show, we were some of the youngest people there. To top that off, it was a Sunday so it started with some gospel bands and transitioned to your traditional bluegrass bands like Larry Stephenson and IIIrd Tyme Out. But when it came to Cadillac Sky, the uhhmm…more mature folks in the audience weren’t quite sure what to make of them when they started their first set that afternoon! But those folks were troopers and gave it a chance at least until it came time for the 2nd second set! At that point there was a mass exodus and lots of empty seats to be had up front! So like the Jeffersons, we took the opportunity to move it on up!


And did I mention it was my birthday that weekend and my best friend totally capitalized on that fact and got them to sign my cd and scored me a picture with them? Yeah that’s me in the hat…no the other hat…. which brings me to the what not to wear part of this post.


I broke my own rule about hats here but in my defense it was a bluegrass show so I wasn’t terribly out-of-place. But the real fantastic fashion faux pax was that even though flip-flops were fine at 6:30 am that warm humid morning that we left home, 3.5 hours northwest into the mountains found the temperature very.much.cooler….and rainy….and did I mention this show was outside under a tent and it was rainy?!? Our only saving grace was that the tent had sides! But even in spite of freezing feet and squishy grounds we had a blast and it was a trip I’ll never forget.

So let us review:

  • always bring proper footwear along on your concert outings
  • Cadillac Sky is awesome

Til next time…

{because you know can’t resist the only blog that combines cats, Crüe, bluegrass, concerts, drums, guitars and fashion….}

The Clapper – 2009 Model

Reasons you should never agree to go up on stage with the band at an event…. big or small….

  • You may be asked to “play” some weird clapper instrument
  • People in the audience will probably pick on you for the rest of the evening….and for days after especially if they are your coworkers….!
  • Someone with the band will take your picture and post it on the band’s website…….enabling friends and family members of the person you are beginning to date to see their first picture of you and the peculiar percussion piece in all your rosy-cheeked glory! Yeah, boy do I know how to make a first impression!


{….and yes I am wearing pink again….my apologies to the boy! In my defense it was before I met him, so I didn’t know the concert dress code yet….!}

The song was something about a mule. Mule Train? Mule Skinner? I dunno, I can’t recall. The hinged 1×4’s with handles I’m holding sounded like a whip when slapped together. Does this unique percussion “instrument” (and I use that term very loosely!) have a name? Does anyone know? Bueller?

So unless you are brave and don’t embarrass easily and turn the color of my shirt (!) heed this advice and just hide under the table or make a quick exit to the refreshments or even to the facilities when they are looking for victims volunteers! Happy trails y’all!

P.S. Thanks to the Illbillys for the incriminating evidence : )

Cymbals for Crafting

What you can make with a cymbal : )


{Happy Birthday Capt’ Gray!}

NOTE: No cymbals were hurt in the crafting of this pirate hat. One Zildjian 17″ crash did lend its help in forming the perfect diameter circle to make the brim. Sometimes it’s useful to live with drummers!

What Not to Wear – Concert Edition

Something has been brought to my attention as of late: apparently I don’t always dress properly for concerts. See my evidence below…


[yep, that’s me and the boy with Three Days Grace- we won tickets to their sound check and meet and greet in Raleigh last year. Sorry about the hearts for faces- still a little unsure of broadcasting our faces to the wild wild web world just yet…]

Overall, it’s not a bad picture, but you can definitely tell one of these things is not like the other things! (thank you cookie monster!) And ask the boy about the fuschia square neck short-sleeved shirt or jean capris (unfortunately I don’t have proof of those one but they did make an appearance at other concerts). This sudden fashion police turn of events I think translates into I’m embarrassing him especially when we have the chance to meet the bands. In fact I have gained the nickname “candyland”. Not only for dressing in color, but for smiling! Apparently if you’re having a picture taken with a rock and roll band smiling is prohibited. So as I stood in front of my closet and pondered what to wear to our most recent event- Avalanche Tour 2011 baby! I will NOT be choosing the following:

  1. Anything pastel or bright pink, purple, blue, yellow or orange –because colorful usually doesn’t fit the mood they’re trying to go for (see above pic!)
  2. Cowboy hat – close quarters and standing room only make this not only hot (and I don’t mean in a good way!) but also probably annoying to whomever may be standing behind or beside me.
  3. Sweater vest- this may read a little too preppy for some tastes and when you’re around a bunch of partying people, the less reason you can give to offend, the better!

So I’ll stick with the basics. You can’t go wrong with black. If you don’t have something black or gray, then anything musically related can also work such as my trusty Marshall Amp t-shirt. (It’s kid approved by the way – he has one too although I’ve been requested to never wear it on the same day he wears his. He has his reasons.) Shoes should be comfy and for me that means trusty cowboy boots. Don’t knock ‘em til you’ve tried ‘em! In fact, the bassist for Shinedown once complimented me on them. And jeans, cause you really can’t go wrong there (unless they’re capris – see above). This was in fact what I wore to one of our last concerts.


[us again with Shinedown]

Ok, much better. Now if I can just remember not to smile….