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Strings vs. Snares

There’s a battle shaping up out here Casa de drum. The snares came out strong in the first and second round and were holding their own at 5 but recently the guitars added to their numbers and now weigh in at 6! (and as many as 8 if you count the guitar hero guitars…) Check out what the boy came home with the other week {for FREE! Good work son! & please excuse his blurry cell phone pics}


It’s a 12 string guitar that was in need of a little love. {which probably explains why it was FREE…!} When he got it was really only an 11 string guitar…and soon after a tuning session we were down to 10. The saddle was a little chewed up and cracked and the whole thing needed a little cleaning. He’s already declared it his new favorite instrument. (I think it made his dad a little nervous to see him favor a guitar over the drums! haha! I just may successfully pull him over to the dark side after all! ha!)

After I had a go-around with trying to buy strings and a saddle at that center that sells guitars and that somethin’ or other ash place… (sidenote: we REALLY need to open a music store by the way….anybody got any retail space they wanna donate to us??) I finally came out with a pack of Martins for a 12 string (not 6 as the sales dude at that first store tried to hand me even after I said 12 twice….) and no saddle.

Since the boy was leaving for music camp soon, as in the morning after the night we were trying to do all this, and he really wanted to take his new stringed friend along with his snare (so he could be his own one man band?) we stole borrowed the saddle out of my Epiphone to try to resuscitate this thing. (I figured I’d still have the Yamaha in working order to play while he’s away with my saddle….and my capo…note to self: buy another capo) But back to the matter at hand.


When the carpel tunnel subsided {did I mention there were 12 strings on this thing to wind? by hand? ’cause the little winding tool thingy I have for the tuning heads would fit on these?} we had a newly stringed instrument with a saddle that still wasn’t quite right… this is what drummers and drafters get for trying to be guitar techs! But we soldiered on. 

After one more trip to the music store for a saddle and some sanding, we were finally lucky enough to come out with something we could work with saddle wise. Then after some tuning…. and a little more fine tuning… {did I mentions there were 12 strings to tune??} we finally had something in playable order. I really intended to take a picture of it all polished and pretty and restrung, but instead I took a nap!

{Just pretend there’s a purdy picture here!}

So that’s how we spent our night before the big camp send off. Well that and doing laundry and packing a weeks worth of stuff for a teenager to go to camp. Now we’re counting the days until he comes home with a weeks worth of dirty laundry and hopefully with my capo…!

And in case you’re a drummer who also likes guitars and needs some info on 12 stringed versions like we did, here’s a site that was helpful and if you like watching versus reading here’s a video.

And did I mention that my handsome husband also scored some free guitar gear last week? A double guitar stand- which is a good thing considering we were losing the battle with where to put the guitars! Anybody else being crowded out by their drums or guitars like us? We’d love to hear about it!


Round 2…grammar, buying and selling drums and Terry Bozzio

Yay me! Way to hit the ground running with a new blog then let it sit there all by its lonesome waiting weeks to crank another post out. Good thing no one but me (and the husband) is reading this yet! I mean really, how can I follow that fabulous piece of writing that made up the first post? (I am being very sarcastic here BTW) So today, I’d like to cover a subject near and dear to everyone’s heart- grade school grammar. No not really, although I’ll warn you, there are going to be some references to it.

So guess what I found out? I am not smarter than a 4th grader y’all! (at least not when it comes to underlining the parts of speech in a sentence that are commonly misused or spelled wrong) The nephew needed help with his school work and being the nice auntie that I am I volunteered my services because 1) he was staying with us that day, 2) hey it’s 4th grade – how hard can it be? And C) they didn’t give me that valedictorian title for nothing all those years ago! Oooh how the mighty fall! [insert picture of me with a puzzled look on my face here] “It must be a misprint in the book son, because all those sentences look correct to me!” (…and I’m writing a blog – Lord help us!) But we persevered and things were underlined and work was completed and I slunk back to my grammatically challenged corner and pondered how much of a country bumpkin I sound like when I write. But it’s cute and endearing right?? Besides I can drive a car and a 4th grader can’t, so we’re even! But I digress…

So borrowing the words of Ron White, I told you that to tell you this (yes, it actually has something to do with drums- I promise!) We may not be great in using the English language correctly at our house, but we do know a few things about drums and cymbals. Here’s an example of what we see over and over in our personal buying and selling of drums and equipment. Just last week we were knocking around on eBay looking at cymbals (yes that’s cymbals with a “C” not symbals or symbles or symbols!) and found a great deal on “Paite” cymbals. Now, before we go all crazy thinking there’s a new company on the horizon, look again. Yep one MIA letter “S” kept that dude from selling his “Paiste” cymbal for a lot more money. (sad for him, but cool deal for whoever stumbled upon it and snapped it up) What’s my point here? Proofreading is our friend! The squiggly red and green lines all over your document in Word don’t mean Microsoft decided to decorate for Christmas early! If you’re gonna sell something, at least know how to spell it and describe it correctly—not only will you look smarter, but it will most likely get you more money! And, another spelling related tip: if you’re looking for something on eBay- try typing in misspellings! It could mean a great deal on a “Paite Symble”. 

Here’s something else we see from time to time – confusing descriptions. We personally have a lovely kit at home consisting of the following:

(Actually there’s a lot more pieces than just these, remember I live with drummers – they come with lots of accessories – cowbells, zil-bels, sleigh bells? But again I digress….)

bass drum

1 high tom

1 floor tom


High hats



Looking at the list above many people on the ‘ol Craigs List describe this as a 7 piece kit and that’s ok right? Not so fast. I’ve been recently educated (thanks hunny!) on what to call out when listing a kit- yes there might be 7 total things, but it would be better and more proper drum lingo to list it as a 4 piece kit (pieces referring to the drums only) that way there’s no confusion among people thinking there are 3 more drums hiding somewhere not pictured or listed. Another note on what not to list as a “piece” is a cymbal stand or drum stand. If it’s metal and it has legs and other adjustable parts, it would more accurately fall under the heading of hardware. So be wary of that “awesome deal” on a “20 piece kit”! Not only is the seller’s description of the deal as “awesome” up for interpretation, chances are unless you’re looking at a kit belonging to Terry Bozzio, that piece count probably isn’t true either. 

So, to conclude, spelling and word usage – it’s not just for 4th grade anymore! Use it or lose it and try not to let the little kids outsmart you!

Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

(title sung in your best MJ voice…!)

Yeah that’s right we’re throwing down. Too many days spent reading other people’s awesome blogs has finally caused us to want to start our own. That plus the fact that we’re trying to start a new venture and this whole cross platform social media driven advertising bandwagon thing seems like the new H*O*T way to get the word out. (Hi!! Coming soon you can also visit us at Facebook…! We’ll let you know when that’s up and running) The boy thinks we’re a little nutty, but what kid doesn’t think that about his parents. But really we’re pretty sane, normal people who are tired of sitting back and waiting for opportunity to knock on our door and we figured we should just go bust it’s door down ourselves. (That and the construction industry tanked and is struggling to build itself back up and since we both have thooose kind of jobs, we need to uh, diversify!)

 So yeah, back to what we’re startin’- a blog, a company, a brand, a business to combine the things we love- music, drums, concerts, making money (just keepin’ it real y’all!) And we figure we can chronicle some of that adventure here for your reading pleasure. Nevermind that we’ve never done this before—that’s what’ll make this an entertaining read at the very least! But we’re spunky and know just enough about marketing and business and internet stuff to be dangerous, so sit down, hold tight and get ready cause it’s gonna be an exciting ride!

 Oh and we probably won’t only talk endlessly and ramble incessantly about the businessy side of things (don’t you love how I just made that word up?!) cause that might get boring and we don’t want to be a one trick pony. (10 pts to you country music fans if you remember them! 100 points if you know the name of their song!) So we’ll also probably throw in some techy music gear reviews from time to time, maybe show some vids of the boy in all his drumming glory and reminisce on some of our fondest concert memories (kicked out of a Crüe concert you say??? Three Days Grace dressed as 96rock girls??? Whaaa??) and just generally chat music and drums and every day stuff and ask “how’s your mama and them” every now and then. It should be fun, so y’all come back now! Peace!