The Old Switcheroo

As a rule of thumb, things just can’t stay the same around here for long – furniture and cabinet contents are never guaranteed to be in the same place from month to month so why should drums be any different? Remember our little black beauty? And our bamboo surprise?

Well they got a little makeover and went from this


and this


to these!


“How you doin’ ?” 

Not sure what prompted the revamping although a few weeks ago we were trying to sell the bamboo on eBay but it wasn’t garnering much interest. Maybe that was the catalyst for the makeover. {I know new jewelry and some mascara always make me feel more glamorous!}  Either way, that little bamboo number with the black hardware is now our collective favorite. The menfolk alone spent an hour talking about how cool it turned out. And all they did was switch up the hardware.

I do kinda miss the black on black action that used to be on the ebony satin oil snare though. It had that dark and dangerous feel like it belonged in a death metal band. But it does blend more with our DW black ice kit now that it has chrome hoops and lugs. The problem now is getting the boy to agree to sell the souped up bamboo snare with black hoops…. but if we give it a week or two I’m sure like everything else, that’ll change.


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