What Not to Wear Part II and Cadillac Sky

So to continue my stroll through memory lane from last week, today I’m reliving my memories of the all time most awesome “new grass” band Cadillac Sky.  Who else could cover traditional bluegrass songs and Video Killed the Radio Star all in the same show and not be cool? Unfortunately they’ve gone on to pursue other things separately. But they will live on forever in my mind and on YouTube. Fortunately now that it’s been 6 months or so, I can finally talk about them without crying. {just kidding!} 

In case I haven’t mentioned it over here we’re a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll. I bring the country part in case y’all hadn’t guessed it yet… blame it on going to an Alabama concert every year from the time I was 7 or 8 until I was 18 with my mama the original groupie. Hi mom! She’s still at it by the way only she had to find a new band. (what is it with our favorite bands disbanding?) but that’s a post for another day!

Back to the C-Sky boys. I first saw them at a bluegrass festival in Winchester, VA during my birthday blowout extravaganza weekend of May ’09 . {Pool playing on Friday night? Amusement park Saturday morning? NASCAR event on Saturday night? 3.5 hour drive from home on Sunday to see some mighty fine pickin’ and a grinnin’ all day long? I’ll take it! When do we sleep? Oh…we don’t…ok I’m in!} But since this isn’t a blog about pool or roller coasters or fast cars, I’ll concentrate on the music!


They were awesome! No words could describe the energy and mad skills they demonstrated on all their instruments (no drums then but when we saw them in 2010 they had a little kit they played for some songs. So there’s your drum reference for this post!) Nevermind that I thought they were roadies when they first came up on stage to set up their instruments. I.was.in.love. 

The rest of the audience was shocked and awed. Since this was a bluegrass show, we were some of the youngest people there. To top that off, it was a Sunday so it started with some gospel bands and transitioned to your traditional bluegrass bands like Larry Stephenson and IIIrd Tyme Out. But when it came to Cadillac Sky, the uhhmm…more mature folks in the audience weren’t quite sure what to make of them when they started their first set that afternoon! But those folks were troopers and gave it a chance at least until it came time for the 2nd second set! At that point there was a mass exodus and lots of empty seats to be had up front! So like the Jeffersons, we took the opportunity to move it on up!


And did I mention it was my birthday that weekend and my best friend totally capitalized on that fact and got them to sign my cd and scored me a picture with them? Yeah that’s me in the hat…no the other hat…. which brings me to the what not to wear part of this post.


I broke my own rule about hats here but in my defense it was a bluegrass show so I wasn’t terribly out-of-place. But the real fantastic fashion faux pax was that even though flip-flops were fine at 6:30 am that warm humid morning that we left home, 3.5 hours northwest into the mountains found the temperature very.much.cooler….and rainy….and did I mention this show was outside under a tent and it was rainy?!? Our only saving grace was that the tent had sides! But even in spite of freezing feet and squishy grounds we had a blast and it was a trip I’ll never forget.

So let us review:

  • always bring proper footwear along on your concert outings
  • Cadillac Sky is awesome

Til next time…

{because you know can’t resist the only blog that combines cats, Crüe, bluegrass, concerts, drums, guitars and fashion….}


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