The Clapper – 2009 Model

Reasons you should never agree to go up on stage with the band at an event…. big or small….

  • You may be asked to “play” some weird clapper instrument
  • People in the audience will probably pick on you for the rest of the evening….and for days after especially if they are your coworkers….!
  • Someone with the band will take your picture and post it on the band’s website…….enabling friends and family members of the person you are beginning to date to see their first picture of you and the peculiar percussion piece in all your rosy-cheeked glory! Yeah, boy do I know how to make a first impression!


{….and yes I am wearing pink again….my apologies to the boy! In my defense it was before I met him, so I didn’t know the concert dress code yet….!}

The song was something about a mule. Mule Train? Mule Skinner? I dunno, I can’t recall. The hinged 1×4’s with handles I’m holding sounded like a whip when slapped together. Does this unique percussion “instrument” (and I use that term very loosely!) have a name? Does anyone know? Bueller?

So unless you are brave and don’t embarrass easily and turn the color of my shirt (!) heed this advice and just hide under the table or make a quick exit to the refreshments or even to the facilities when they are looking for victims volunteers! Happy trails y’all!

P.S. Thanks to the Illbillys for the incriminating evidence : )


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