Three Days Girls?


Did I go a little too far last year when that radio station said send us your best photo of the band Three Days Grace?

 Maybe….but it won us tickets to the show, a meet and greet with the band and the opportunity to hear them in sound check.

Ain’t Photoshop a wonderful thing? Great for touching up photos, getting rid of that pesky red-eye and putting a man’s head on a woman’s body in order to win a contest!

Nevermind that that radio station we were picking up that day in Virginia was from Raleigh, NC and thus the concert venue was 3 hours away or that we only won 2 tickets so we had to secure a 3rd one for it to be a true family outing.

We are serious when it comes to our concerts- no distance is too great and no man or woman shall be left behind!

Rock on Neil!



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