Look what followed me home

Well, it didn’t exactly follow ME home – it followed the boy.

I’m learning that around here it’s, “like father like son” when it comes to acquiring drum stuff. Of course the first question was can we keep them? But, unfortunately we had to say no. Hey it’s a 3 bedroom, 1 bath house and when the drums start outnumbering the living things, ya gotta draw the line somewhere.


Now don’t get too excited. I know it looks pretty in the picture but it was just a little Rhythm Art kit that needed some fixing up. Or deconstructing into some drum inspired furniture! It was a fine line given the pieces and parts on it that needed replacing or repairing.

Now what’s not pictured here that the boy also scored with this kit is….

wait for it….

the icing on the drum cake…..

a DW 9300 snare stand.


Way to go son! Of course we did let him keep that.  What kind of parents would we be if we didn’t?

So the little shiny red kit will be off to its new home hopefully this evening.

And maybe later this week I’ll have a picture of the latest find from this weekend…..

I’ll give you a hint: It should pair up nicely with that stand pictured above! SO Stay tuned!


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