Don’t be Crüel

Ahhh…. karma. What a lovely thing! Right after I met my wonderful other half, he and the boy ventured down to Crüefest ’09. What better way for father and son to spend a day. If you’ve ever been to a Crüe show you will know what I mean! The women! The less than sober people! The women! But I digress.

The day started out well – perhaps a little traffic-y getting down to the beach where the show was, but that was cancelled out by how close to the stage they were able to get. Close enough to feel the sweat from the band being slung on the audience or the water from the bottles being splashed on the crowd from the singers on stage. I personally would opt for the water over the sweat, but to each his own.

Anyway they were close and they rocked out to Theory of a Deadman and Godsmack among others while waiting for their main man to come on. In this house our main man is Tommy Lee. Well, God and then Tommy Lee. But you other drumlovers get it. Amen. 

Unfortunately they found that Tommy wasn’t playing drums that night because he had burned his hands playing with a bunch of fireworks. The show however stops for no-one not even a drummer who has a mishap with some sparklers. He did however come out with the piano at one point.


{Hey, it’s good to be versatile…} 

That point aside, they still had a blast and were thoroughly enjoying the show until a well-meaning but not well-tempered security guard put a damper on the evening. Remember they were within a few feet of the stage which meant they were also within a few less feet of those lovely yellow shirted gentlemen charged with the job of keeping people safe at a concert by stopping any dangerous and potentially life threatening activities from happening like recording any parts of the live show.

Nevermind that my lovely husband wasn’t recording anything but only trying to hold up his camera above the crowd and be ready for the moment when the guys would walk back over to the edge of the stage for a closeup like this.


Ultimately, it was all a moot point with Mr. security dude. So, after a lengthy loud discussion, my husband and son were unceremoniously kicked out of a Crüe concert. Luckily it was near the end. And actually after having been standing for over 6 hours, they may have even been a little relieved – not to mention they got a jump on the traffic by leaving a few minutes early!

I told you that to tell you this. Fast forward to this past week. Everybody there? Everybody had a good one? Yay! Glad to hear it! Ok. Guess who’s a big weiner winner! {Insert your shameless political joke here….sorry folks I just couldn’t help myself!} The love of my life won tickets to see Motley Crüe at the Outlaw Jam in July!

It’s karma I tell you! A second chance! An opportunity to redeem themselves! Now if Tommy and the rest of Crüe will just go easy on the fireworks on the 4th and not do anything else detrimental to their health before we get to see them on the 30th! {I’m asking a lot I know! But we have faith in the boys!} Stay tuned…


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