Riveting Revelations and Sizzle Cymbals

[10 points if you can say that title five times fast!]

Behold! Another cymbal for your viewing pleasure!


Zildjian A Custom 18″ Crash with factory installed rivets. Yes rivets, not ribbets.

This was news to me and I didn’t understand what they were when I first saw a picture of a cymbal like this. Are there holes in that cymbal? Let me see that thing a little closer…


What are those little things hanging out of the holes? Why would anyone want a cymbal with holes and weird little tubular pieces of metal hanging out of it? It was like a cymbal with nose rings- visually interesting, but what’s the use? Just made the cymbal look tougher I supposed.

{By the way I love you people with nose rings especially if you’re reading this blog! I just needed an analogy! Lord forgive me and please be with those starving pygmies in New Guinea. Amen.}

But then we acquired this Zildjian and I was mesmerized. The sizzle! The shimmer! Those rivets which are installed loosely in the holes vibrate and give it a sizzle sound which is actually very cool! Apparently people have been doing this for years! Some will even drill the holes and install the rivets themselves! {GASP!} For those squeamish about drilling and puncturing, a similar effect can be achieved using small lengths of ball chain at different intervals around the diameter of the cymbal or one continuous length draped over the top as seen here.  Or better yet just get’cha one that has the rivets factory installed such as this beauty. 

All kidding aside though, this cymbal definitely adds a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to your playing and I’m in love! Unfortunately the guys- not so enamored. Oh they definitely thought it was cool, but ultimately not really cohesive with the sound they have going on with their kit. In other words, they play so loud, the sizzle fizzles in comparison. So my lovely riveted cymbal and I had to part. You know what they say – if you love something let it go….

We shipped it out to its new happy home last week and it was truly a little sad to see it leave. But it was still a really cool piece of gear to check out for a little while. And maybe one day my handsome husband will reunite me with my riveted beauty perhaps as part of my very own kit…hmmm….pink sparkle wrap? Tube lugs? Till then, I’ll keep y’all posted.


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