Cool Review


Sooo you may be wondering about my picture for today…..

Why yes that is a nutcracker (one of many in fact). And yes those are stockings. Cool red and black and leopard rocker drummer handmade stockings. (see that sliver of a pink tiger striped one – that’s mine!) And yep, those are cat ears at the very bottom….

Why is this picture up here on the last day of May? Because the nutcracker guy is a drumming nutcracker! So he has a reason to be on this site! Ha! That and it’s supposed to hit 100° today in our neck of the woods and I am channeling last Christmas when it was MUCH MUCH cooler. So drink plenty of water boys and girls. Stay in the shade or the air conditioning if you can or better yet floating around in a pool!

{Hello sweet sis-in-law is the pool cleaned and ready yet?? Just checking! : ) We’ll bring shrimp! Hello?…}

And just in case you didn’t get enough cool Christmas feeling yet or you’re just really curious like me, here’s a further away view of our nutcracker band (gotta love the one with the guitar! the boy’s been collecting these for years) our rock and roll stockings (crafted especially for our new little family this year – you will still be brushing fuzzy white stocking trim particles off your clothes and sewing machine well into the new year by the way…) and our beloved feline mascot/groupie (yes that probably is his best side…!) with his jingle bell collar….that he’s not terribly fond of….so I only subject him to it at that special time of year. Happy last day of May y’all!



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