Extra Extra! Read all about it! How not to lose your “edge”…

NOTE: the following is what my handsome drummer husband had to say about his latest find. He’s sooo excited that I thought I’d give him another opportunity to shout if from the rooftop and show off his treasure!

{So, since becoming unemployed I’ve been flippin drum gear to supplement my income (I don’t suggest this as a full-time job btw). Last week I ran across an ad on CL “drums for sale” for an unbelievable price. The description read “drum kit with travel cases and extras” and “I believe they are Pearl”, no specs listed only a small fuzzy cell phone pic of what was to me clearly a pdp kit (some people don’t know what they have).

Figuring I could clean ’em up and make a few dollars I made contact around 10 p.m. and was invited to come check ’em out. Upon arrival I noticed it was a 6pc pdp cx kit with dw 5002’s and 5500 hat stand…along with skb cases, 3 Sabian AA’s, an AAX, a Paiste Sound Formula, a Zildjian Z Custom and a Roc n Soc throne……and some “extras”. Just a few days later (my fingers are still sore from cleaning and polishing), most of the stuff has gone to a good home, a small profit was made and I’ve decided to keep those “extras” to compensate myself for the pain and suffering. So here are the “extras”…and yes I kindly paid the asking price…}


Thanks for sharing hun! Soooo happy for him!

So I learn new things everyday living with drummers like for example, that top drum in the picture is a dw maple and brass edge snare with satin finish and the one on the bottom is a dw lacquer bamboo solid stave snare. The boy and the husband were beyond excited to stumble upon them in their travels. (I believe the boy slept with the edge snare the first night…..! No! Just kidding! But he is very protective over it!) They are both really really pretty–this is apparently my first requirement when choosing drums and cymbals followed by — oooh shiny! oooh sparkly! (Nevermind what they sound like!)  But I am taking note on all the new information they bestow upon me as needed and here’s what I’ve learned so far. 

The edge snare has a 10-ply maple center section with chrome plated brass top and bottom edges. Not only does this construction make it durable but it also helps it project rich warm sounds with lots of volume.

The solid stave bamboo is just that, solid – not laminated which helps in producing those darker tones. It also sports a slightly deeper snare bed and is lacquered inside to increase sensitivities and enhance higher end frequencies.

A few other things I’ve learned during this past week- a case full of hardware is heeaaavvvy, we can fit a whole drum set with hardware and cymbals plus 2 snares in the back of our blazer, and one should never store drums in a basement because the amount of work to get said drums back into their polished and shiny pre-neglected glory is intense- just ask my poor husband who stayed up to the very wee hours of the morning 2 nights cleaning his way to a profit. I did help though….on one drum…….I’m a perfectionist…what can I say….I guess I just took too long since he could clean 2 or 3 to my 1…

Thus ends the story of how we acquired our two new percussion “family members”. Pretty soon the snares will outnumber the people here! Strangely enough the guitars already do! But that’s a story for another day…or another blog! Guitarlove anyone? Hmmm…! So until later, rock on my friends!


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