What Not to Wear – Concert Edition

Something has been brought to my attention as of late: apparently I don’t always dress properly for concerts. See my evidence below…


[yep, that’s me and the boy with Three Days Grace- we won tickets to their sound check and meet and greet in Raleigh last year. Sorry about the hearts for faces- still a little unsure of broadcasting our faces to the wild wild web world just yet…]

Overall, it’s not a bad picture, but you can definitely tell one of these things is not like the other things! (thank you cookie monster!) And ask the boy about the fuschia square neck short-sleeved shirt or jean capris (unfortunately I don’t have proof of those one but they did make an appearance at other concerts). This sudden fashion police turn of events I think translates into I’m embarrassing him especially when we have the chance to meet the bands. In fact I have gained the nickname “candyland”. Not only for dressing in color, but for smiling! Apparently if you’re having a picture taken with a rock and roll band smiling is prohibited. So as I stood in front of my closet and pondered what to wear to our most recent event- Avalanche Tour 2011 baby! I will NOT be choosing the following:

  1. Anything pastel or bright pink, purple, blue, yellow or orange –because colorful usually doesn’t fit the mood they’re trying to go for (see above pic!)
  2. Cowboy hat – close quarters and standing room only make this not only hot (and I don’t mean in a good way!) but also probably annoying to whomever may be standing behind or beside me.
  3. Sweater vest- this may read a little too preppy for some tastes and when you’re around a bunch of partying people, the less reason you can give to offend, the better!

So I’ll stick with the basics. You can’t go wrong with black. If you don’t have something black or gray, then anything musically related can also work such as my trusty Marshall Amp t-shirt. (It’s kid approved by the way – he has one too although I’ve been requested to never wear it on the same day he wears his. He has his reasons.) Shoes should be comfy and for me that means trusty cowboy boots. Don’t knock ‘em til you’ve tried ‘em! In fact, the bassist for Shinedown once complimented me on them. And jeans, cause you really can’t go wrong there (unless they’re capris – see above). This was in fact what I wore to one of our last concerts.


[us again with Shinedown]

Ok, much better. Now if I can just remember not to smile….


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