Monthly Archives: April 2011

Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

(title sung in your best MJ voice…!)

Yeah that’s right we’re throwing down. Too many days spent reading other people’s awesome blogs has finally caused us to want to start our own. That plus the fact that we’re trying to start a new venture and this whole cross platform social media driven advertising bandwagon thing seems like the new H*O*T way to get the word out. (Hi!! Coming soon you can also visit us at Facebook…! We’ll let you know when that’s up and running) The boy thinks we’re a little nutty, but what kid doesn’t think that about his parents. But really we’re pretty sane, normal people who are tired of sitting back and waiting for opportunity to knock on our door and we figured we should just go bust it’s door down ourselves. (That and the construction industry tanked and is struggling to build itself back up and since we both have thooose kind of jobs, we need to uh, diversify!)

 So yeah, back to what we’re startin’- a blog, a company, a brand, a business to combine the things we love- music, drums, concerts, making money (just keepin’ it real y’all!) And we figure we can chronicle some of that adventure here for your reading pleasure. Nevermind that we’ve never done this before—that’s what’ll make this an entertaining read at the very least! But we’re spunky and know just enough about marketing and business and internet stuff to be dangerous, so sit down, hold tight and get ready cause it’s gonna be an exciting ride!

 Oh and we probably won’t only talk endlessly and ramble incessantly about the businessy side of things (don’t you love how I just made that word up?!) cause that might get boring and we don’t want to be a one trick pony. (10 pts to you country music fans if you remember them! 100 points if you know the name of their song!) So we’ll also probably throw in some techy music gear reviews from time to time, maybe show some vids of the boy in all his drumming glory and reminisce on some of our fondest concert memories (kicked out of a Crüe concert you say??? Three Days Grace dressed as 96rock girls??? Whaaa??) and just generally chat music and drums and every day stuff and ask “how’s your mama and them” every now and then. It should be fun, so y’all come back now! Peace!